Rashid Al Khalifa’s latest work explores the dynamics of energies, such as light and colour, that are specific to his native country, Bahrain. In doing so, his work considers the interaction of these properties within their immediate environment, resulting in bold interpretations of custom and heritage, through commanding structures, meticulous forms and complex designs.

Through an unexpected choice of medium- polished steel or matte aluminium- Rashid’s work stands transcendent; a tribute to traditional design and architecture. When planning to replicate a particular architectural feature’s original purpose, he considers both its elemental form and fundamental nature and also employs a medium and colour palette that is inspired by Bahrain’s light and its distinctive effect on these traditional structures.

In turn, the manner in which the resulting work is perceived, is dependent on the position of the viewer, the environment in which it is placed and the time that it is seen. This subsequently determines the amount of light that it absorbs or reflects and the intensity of the shadow that is cast. In this way, these works materialize as testaments to both tradition and modernity; synchronized representations of the past, the present and the future.


  • Penumbra: Textured Shadow, Coloured Light, Saatchi Gallery – London, UK (2018)
  • Hybrids, Ayyam Gallery – Dubai, UAE (2018)
  • Convex: A New Perspective, Bahrain National Museum – Kingdom of Bahrain (2010)


  • Bridges, Grenada Pavilion, 57th Venice Biennale – Venice, Italy (2017)
  • 3rd Mediterranean Biennale: OUT OF PLACE – Sakhnin Valley, Israel (2017)
  • Arab Delegation, TRIO Biennial – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2015)
  • In The Eye of the Thunderstorm, Collateral Events, 56. la Biennale di Venezia – Venice, Italy (2015)
Rashid's work continues to demonstrate how a 'painting' can transform and how his ideas and formal innovations ripple through contemporary practice.