Gardens always challenge the phantasy of many artists. They are places where poetry and philosophy are invoked and are hence a medium to recognize God, the world as well as oneself. The garden of souls, in which virtues and good deeds are flourishing next to the magical garden of the senses and delights. The circle of life where the opulence of nature is followed by vanitas, withering and transcience.
Gardens as refuge and place of longing that are cared for and cherished by very special gardeners:


Rashid Al Khalifa / Anouk Lamm Anouk / BaltazarTorres / Ford Beckman / Madeleine Berkhemer / Carmen Calvo / Odonchimeg Davaadorj / Jan Fabre / Lionel Favre / Ferro / Kendell Geers / Alfred Haberpointner / Markus Hofer / Anselma Murswiek / Marzena Nowak / Bruno Peinado / Sandrine Pelletier / Jaume Plensa / Bernardi Roig / Francis Ruyter / Hans Staudacher / José María Sicilia / Catalina Swinburn / Barthélémy Toguo / Iv Toshain / Juan Uslé / Sandra Vásquez de la Horra / Bernar Venet / Jan Voss / Anastasiya Yarovenko / Christina Zurfluh


They all awake the two locations of the exhibition: the old RESIDENCE with its baroque ambience as well as the solitary Bauhaus architecture of the GALLERY HOUSE and SCULPTURE GARDEN – situated on the other side of the river Salzach, only 20 walking minutes from the city centre – and stimulate the dialogue between nature and art.