13 MAY – 26 NOVEMBER 2017

This collection of artwork for the Grenada Pavilion’s participation at the 57. La Biennale di Venezia is architecture of forms that emphasize geometry – lines, circles, cubes and patterns – compositional building blocks for each artwork and the vocabulary I use to affect it.

I conceptualise my paintings as objects, using the physical structure of the service as a compositional tool to integrate with the surrounding environment. I purposely chose the three works from the “Shape of Time” series, alongside with my latest work, “Untitled,” 2017, to illustrate the architectural aspect of my vision and the way my hybrid paintings begin with a three-dimensional concept.

I start with geometry to define the three-dimensional space around and within a given shape. The structure and colour are placed in dialogue with one another highlighted by ambient light and shadow effects; colour moves, they advance and recede, giving rise to contrasts, tone, density and direction, a perfect platform to demonstrate the power of light in art. Together this amalgamation explores how painting can grant an image the architectural thought process that vibrates with gentle energy and stillness.

rashid al khalifa artwork 2017