21 JANUARY – 30 APRIL 2016

“The Shape of Time” works consist of a square convex surface with a central circle cut-out or circle cit-outs folded in the vertices. Colour and graphic precision combined with the pictorial theories which Al Khalifa articulates, express the third dimension of space in a quasi-kinetic circular movement of the cut-out/s in various sizes and number symbolizing “time’s” circular movement – sunrise, sunset, midnight, the four seasons and the cycle of tides and the moon.

“Unity” is the asethetic principle. He integrates the elements into an infrastructure of visual organisation, where the methodical assemblage of the elements is controlled by balanced pictorial elements.

“Light” is used as an potical material. He treats it with a painters eye in three dimensions that actually mold, form and animate the elements. He approaches light and shadow in terms of space it creates in front and behind it. The effects – shadwos, refelctions, refraction, symmetry and motion – shifts and changes by virture depending on how the light affects the piece.

The organisational variations that emerge when viewing each of these works effectively underscores his persistent desire to link “colour” to a distinct materiality since they offer no illusion of depth, just an optical retreat and planes of pure colour.

rashid al khalifa exhibition convex artwork shape of time
rashid al khalifa exhibition convex artwork
rashid al khalifa convex artwork
rashid al khalifa convex artwork