Spectrum 2 (II)



  • Enamel on aluminium
  • 93 x 63 cm

Our predisposition towards a colour is often a reflection of our emotive state at a particular moment in time, Additionally, our reaction to a certain event or situation may be influenced by the colours that we experienced surrounding that moment For example, your decision to wear certain colours on a particular day, may be influenced by the environment or your state of mind, which in turn, affects your reaction to other colours that you perceive. Each ‘Spectrum’ presents the opportunity for the viewer to experience the works and develop a personal reaction to them. As Spectrum transitions from one colour to another, its identity in turn, is altered. Each work is dependent on its placement within the surrounding environment, the emotional state of the viewer, and of course the mind of the artist, who purposely selects and combines colours. Through these endless possibilities of colour combinations that each resonate a different feeling, sensation or thought process, Spectrum is in a sense the mediator, prompting a dialogue between the viewer and the artist.

Copyright © Rashid Al Khalifa