Liechtenstein Postage Stamps

By 4 July 2022 News

Liechtenstein LandesMuseum, Stadtle 43, FL-9490 Vaduz
Until September 7th, 2022

June 16th, the Liechtenstein LandesMuseum (Liechtenstein NationalMuseum) opened SPECTRUM, a solo exhibition presenting a selection of the latest work by renowned Bahraini artist Rashid Al Khalifa.  The exhibition will remain open until September 7th, 2022.

Bahraini artist Rashid Al Khalifa’s Spectrum series employs traditional Middle Eastern architectural principles, such as those seen throughout his heritage and contemporizes them by playing on structural attributes that are also reminiscent of contemporary Gulf architecture. Additionally, Rashid integrates a specific palette and tones that are characteristic to the landscape of his country.

In commemoration of the exhibition, the Liechtenstein PostalMuseum, a branch of the Liechtenstein NationalMuseum, designed postage stamps and stamp collection sheets, issued by Liechtenstein, featuring details of Rashid’s Spectrum works.  This marked the first time a Middle Eastern artist was featured on Liechtenstein’s stamps.

Founded in 1930, ten years after Liechtenstein gained its postal independence, the Liechtenstein Postal Museum exhibits postage stamps issued by Liechtenstein since 1912 alongside machinery and educational material that describes the story of the post in and around Liechtenstein.

“It is a privilege to have my work featured on Liechtenstein’s postage stamps. Historically the postage stamp presented an opportunity to publicize an impression of a particular country to the world, through the images and stories depicted on them. Growing up, stamps were fascinating in the sense that they allowed us to daydream about places far away. Presenting my work on Liechtenstein’s stamps, not only emphasizes the budding relationship with a country that has such a rich postal history, but also allows me the privilege to in some way, represent and convey my country.” said Rashid Al Khalifa

“Liechtenstein is the “Kingdom of Stamps”. When the first stamp of Liechtenstein was created in 1912, it was designed by a famous artist of Austria: Koloman Moser who founded, with friends, the famous Vienna Secession in 1897 and the Vienna Werkstätte (Workshop) for design and handcraft in 1903. From the first stamp onwards, all Liechtenstein stamps until today are designed by artists. The Liechtenstein stamps are of the highest quality and are very limited editions, made with modern techniques. Hence they are considered as the best stamps in the world. This is the first time some stamps are made featuring the work of an artist from the Middle East, Shaikh Rashid Al Khalifa. We are very proud to show some of his marvellous works of art on Liechtenstein stamps.” said Rainer Vollkommer, the director of the Liechtenstein NationalMuseum and the PostalMuseum.

Born in 1952, Rashid Al Khalifa studied Art and Design at Hastings College of Art and Design, Sussex, England. Beginning his artistic career focusing on landscape painting, his oeuvre is by and large defined by changes in style, which parallel changes in his life and environment. Rashid Al Khalifa has exhibited in numerous international exhibitions, art fairs and biennales.

Dating back to 1438, the three buildings that now house the Liechtenstein National Museum consist of 42 exhibit rooms which display the museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions. Encompassing archaeology, history & religion, daily-life in Liechtenstein and the natural environment, the Liechtenstein National Museum aims to present the rich and diverse history of the principality. Visitors gain insight into the local population, the Princely House, daily life and the history of Liechtenstein. The Museum organizes public and private guided tours, activities for children and families and educational programs.